Radio Stations & Formats

Radio Stations and Formats

  Today MBC Stations provide a blend of the following music formats and local, regional and national       Christian teaching programs, and engagement in each stations local community.

Southern Gospel
WEMM 107.9FM, 1200AM Huntington, WV
Throughout the Bible-Belt and around the world the distinctive sound of Southern Gospel music has provided a source of encouragement and ministry that reaches young and old. The distinctive harmonies, touching lyrics and love for Christ has influenced countless lives. MBC Southern Gospel stations provide musical feast of the leading Gospel Music Association songs and artists and favorites from artists that founded and shaped what we know as Gospel Music.

Southern Gospel Music has a broad appeal reaching both male and female ages 25-64+. Its marketing demographic includes people who have educated, tend to have conservative and moderate Christian values, and above average levels of discretionary income. As illustrated by the continuing success of the Gaither Homecoming celebrations, the influence of Southern Gospel music continues to grow with young and old.

Urban Gospel
KHVN 970AM, Dallas, TX; KGGR 1040AM, Dallas, TX; KGGN 890AM, Kansas City, MO. From its roots in the songs of the slaves, jazz and rhythm and blues, the music and lyrics of Urban Gospel music is shaping a new movement of God across our country and around the globe. MBC stations provides it’s listeners with a rich blend of the artists and songs of leading soloist, groups and emerging genres of Urban Gospel music.

Urban Gospel reaches across generations with many of the past and current hits being sung by Church choirs and soloists and engaging both current and future generations. Traditionally fans of Urbab Gospel music are 70% female and 30% male with a target demographic of 24 to 64+. MBC Urban Gospel music stations provide to reach family decision makers and show high levels of loyalty and conservative to moderate values and average levels of discretionary income.

Better Life Radio
KKGM 1630AM, Dallas Texas
Better Life Radio is a format that is focused on providing local markets with a weekday blend of  topical talk, sports and other programming. We also offer Christian teaching and Ministries in key dayparts.