Mission Statement

MBC was founded with the mission statement of “Helping to make and keep the home sacred.”

Beginning with MBC’s first station, WTOF in Canton, Ohio, our mission has continued to guide the development of radio and online ministries that today reach across denominational, racial and cultural barriers to provide programming that presents the gospel, encourages believers and builds strong homes and families.

With the goal of reaching out to help those in need and further the mission cause of Christ in every market served, MBC has led in the development of Black Gospel, Southern Gospel and Christian Spanish stations across the country. Today MBC continues to be a leading voice for family values and the advancement of the Gospel locally and nationally.

All MBC stations are commercially operated and do not solicit or accept donations from listeners. MBC does encourage its listeners, however, to generously support its broadcasters and patronize its commercial advertisers. Listeners who financially support our clients are also supporting our efforts in spreading the gospel throughout the United States.

Today, MBC’s mission has not waivered, even in these challenging times.  MBC’s Radio and Online programming remains focused on strengthening individuals, homes and families toward the Biblical mandate to further the cause of Christ in every market in which it serves. As our President and CEO Jack Mortenson recently stated, “I am grateful for the hundreds of employees who have made the commitment to work daily to help us fulfill our mission—‘Helping to make and keep the home sacred’.